Cutshaw Holiday Letter 2000

This New Year is the Year of the Dragon, which is always a momentous year for the Chinese. As we celebrate the arrival of Christina Le Cutshaw to our family, we join in the celebration of a New Year of happiness, hope and prosperity for the Cutshaw family.

Christy has grown so much since we first received her in October, 1999, at the city of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China. We celebrated her first birthday on October 18 in Guangzhou. When Christy came into our lives, she was a very petite baby. She has grown more than a third in body weight and has moved on to the U.S. growth charts!! She is a bright, precocious and beautiful child. From the abandoned basket on the doorstep of the Chinese government house to our home, she has made an incredible journey - one that will enrich our lives forever.

Drew has become an excellent big brother. Drew traveled to China and learned much about the Chinese way of life. He was a great assistance in China as he is throughout the year. Drew is doing well in his first grade curriculum and enjoys reading chapter books. He loves soccer and is excited about Spring baseball. Although Drew has many special qualities, we are especially thrilled with his assumption of the big brother role.

De had an exciting year. She accepted the "40" label with graciousness at a party with many friends and families from near and far at the Canoe Restaurant. De continued to juggle her investment activities while on adoption leave from August until year end, and she maintains an active presence at Trinity School . Her trip to China in October was memorable in many ways. De had the thrill of seeing China from a wheelchair. On her second day in Beijing, she broke her foot and tested the medical skills of the Chinese doctors (which were very good). She has recovered and all is well. 1999 brought more Dracos family to Atlanta.

De’s younger brother, Bill, and his wife Jen, moved to Atlanta in the summer to assume positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Westminster School, respectively. Of the four Dracos siblings, three have laid roots in Atlanta. Ellen is thriving at Home Depot as Director of Internet Services. Brother Jonathan remains the lone hold-out in New York as he runs the real estate portfolio for Investcorp and raises (with Robin) 2-year old Charlie and baby Joy.

Kenneth had a busy year as usual. Kenneth joined the law firm of Holland & Knight as a partner. H&K is one of the largest firms in the world with offices around the globe and 1,000 lawyers. He will build the international practice for the law firm in Atlanta. Kenneth expanded his role with Boys Scouts by becoming co-den leader (with De) of Drew’s Tiger Cubs. He coached Drew’s spring baseball team and will do so again. He continued his co-chair responsibility of the Awakening completing his fifth successful year. Of course, his favorite activity are those times with Christy and Drew. He enjoyed our brief excursions to Cuscowilla on Lake Oconee where we bought into a lake home and a wonderful golf community. Kenneth’s sister, Janelle, was named the Person of the Year in the specialty advertising industry, and she and Art both crossed the "50" threshold in style. Preston started his first job and Whitney finished her reign as Miss Teenage Georgia.

Buddy (the poodle) has taken to Christy well and continues to be one of Drew’s best friends.

We have been blessed indeed in the past year. We have grown as a family and have taken into our home another culture as well as another child. We ask you to visit, call or take a moment to think of us in this Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon, and Year 4698 (2000 for most of us).


The Cutshaw Family

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